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Dance has been a life long companion, a source of revelation and understanding. It is a playground and sacred space to experience and witness the movement of existence.  As an artist, I am drawn to the metaphors and symbols that connect us, looking for the universal within our distinct identities, experiences and cultures.  I am fascinated by the imprint of personal, societal and ancestral history, how we engage with it in the present, and the resiliency of the human spirit.  


As a Cuban-American artist working within the genres of flamenco and contemporary dance, I seek to expose and celebrate the fluidity and diversity of my cultural identity.  My work is an inquisitive corporeal conversation, an extension of the verbal and non-verbal languages that live within me.   The work I create is inclusive of all my influences in dance, movement, music and life.  It is contemporary, a personal vocabulary where tradition and experimentation coexist.  


Neil de la Flor 2012

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