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"Throughout the vignettes of dance and music, Ferrari constructed a thematically tight arrangement of covers and instrumentation creating a platform for Miranda to explore the joy and freedom to rock out.  She accompanied as an instrumentalist with her castanets and danced matching footwork to drum beats and guitar strums, while dressed in contemporary garb with her hair flowing freely. Sometimes literally and figuratively, a revolution and evolution demands you let your hair down and leave your rules and preconceptions at the door."


Revolution/Evolution Review, Miguel Angel Estefan Jr, Artburst Miami, 10/9/2013




"If every artist could spend an hour in the creative soup that must be Ana Miranda’s mind, the hope would be that they would create something as unique, vibrant, and joyfully unexpected and rewarding as Soulé. Miranda has mastered the transformation of a classical and passionate form such as flamenco to a limitless bounty of new art and explorations, all while captivating the audience’s attention and worship of a new gospel."


Soulé Review, Miguel Angel Estefan Jr, Artburst Miami, 8/22/12




"Miranda tried and succeeded in evolving an art form — actually, multiple art forms — into a new experience...Miranda created moving images that I will never forget."


Soulé Review, Neil de la Flor, Knight Arts, 8/20/12




"Ana Miranda’s Flamenco was simply outstanding. It brought the full house to a roar and raised the vibration of the space 100 fold. The three-part suite was packed with all of the intensity, technique, emotion, and pressure that makes flamenco satisfying. She took the audience on a journey of feminine power and used shawls, auto percussive foot work, staging and a fine interplay of solo and group work to tell her story. Miranda incorporated two other dancers [Ana Bolt, Charm Walters] in the suite and the chemistry between the three was palpable."


Field Performance at Inkub 8 Review, Tiffany Hanan Madera, Sunpost, 4/28/11




"Gypsy Cat played a lovely original song called "Jaleo", while Ana danced passionately upon a wooden stage. The experience was like that of a story unfolding before our eyes and ears as the band played flawlessly." 


Online article,, 3/22/10

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